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~A bLaSt FrOm ThE pAsT~
~AtTiTuDe 2~
~BlInKiE lOvErS~
~CaUsEs & CoNcErNs~
~FaIrY dOlLz~
~GiRlS 2~
~GlItTeR wOrDs~
~I lOvE ...~
~I lOvE... 2~
~MiNi DoLlZ~
~MiSc 2~
~MiSc 3~
~MiSc 4~
~ShOw BiZ~
~ZoDiAc SiGnS~
~BlInKiE lInKs~


*PlEaSe Do NoT dIrEcT lInK. rIgHt ClIcK aNd ThEn SaVe On YoUr OwN cOmPuTeR!! tHaNx

*If YoU lIkE mY sItE pLeAsE vOtE fOr It bY cLiCkInG oN tHe BlInKiE bElOw. AnD yOu CaN gO sIgN mY gUeStBoOk At ThE bOtToM oF tHe PaGe. ThAnX*

*MiSc 2*

*If YoU cAnT sEe ThEsE bLiNkIeS jUsT pUsH tHe ReFrEsH bUtToN*

*I hAvE sTaRtEd To MaKe My OwN bLiNkIeS nOw! ThE oNeS tHaT i MaDe ArE hIgHlIgHtEd WiTh A pInK bOx ArOuNd ThEm.  PlEaSe LiNk BaCk To My SiTe, I hAvE wOrKeD hArD oN tHeSe. ThE lInK tHaT yOu CaN uSe WiLl bE aT tHe BotToM oF tHe PaGe!*



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*ThEsE aRe SoMe Of ThE sItEs ThAt I gOt My BlInKiEs FrOm...Go ChEcK tHeM oUt*